Thursday, April 29, 2010


YAY I am on vacation, and I am thrilled!
As of 3:pm today I am officially on vacation. I plan to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my farm.I am going to do chores after sunrise, spring clean my home, cook nice meals spoil my pets and hopefully spend time with my loved ones, including My husband. In a few short (or maybe long) hours, Bob will be home from Philadelphia. He has been gone 5 nights,however it seems longer because he was only home two days of the last twelve.Do not mistake this for complaining, I am very very thankful he has had three weeks of work.I am very aware the recession is not over, and I am grateful he will take what ever work comes in.I am just very thrilled to have him coming home,I hope he has a trouble free commute.My coworkers were aware that I was about to start vacation, so many asked today about my plans. It is an odd thing, I am thrilled with the opportunity to stay close to home but I am very aware that few people understand that. Well for now I am going to go spruce up my home and wash off the barn, smell. Throughout the week I will share more of my vacation. I will say Wednesday is my 25th wedding anniversary.How perfect is it ,that also is the day of the Farmers Market. Just think of the oppertunities for dinner.

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