Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Urges

Yesterday left me with baby urges,but with the economy the way it is I will have to wait.Bob and I went for a ride with Bobby and Keri , as we passed a local farm we spotted baby's out in the pasture with their Moms.I would love to have a Baby Belgian on our farm .Jake is recovering from his gravel blow out nicely, and Nickel is just growing bigger and better every day.
Friday was cold and rainy and yesterday the wind was brisk and damp.
Today it was a brisk 60 degrees,but in the sun it sure felt lovely.We went to visit a friend who is recovering from cancer treatment and it was nice to see him sitting outside in the sun when we arrived. When we arrived back home I filled window boxes and Bob worked on the raised beds. The wind was causing havoc with my new clothes line,I hung out three loads of clothes none the less.I have not used the dryer sense my clothes line arrived on the first, and I am very curiouser to see what reduction we experience with the electric bill. I played with my Rottie and scratched my Belgians and soaked up all the sunshine I could rationalize between barn and house chores.After walking Bloodhounds we came inside and I served up the last homemade chili of the season.

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