Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google serch results...

When I was looking for a Rottweiler Breeder to purchase my new puppy from it was like a treasure hunt first we tried local searches then it looked much like a Google commercial. I tried tons of words and phrases :Rottweiler, Black and Tan, Big Dogs, strong Rottweilers and the winner Giant Rottweilers. The final search brought me to the web sight of "Giant Rotts". When I got a look at Zahr( The Breeders Stud) and read this paragraph I was sold:

"Our Breeding Goal is to Produce Quality, Well Muscled, Healthy,

(Not Overweight), Very Large & Athletic, Loyal & Trustworthy

Champion Line Rottweilers that will Protect & Love your Family
I went home and told Bob "today I found some impressive Rottweilers".He was not sold as quick, he does his homework. In the end we did order a male pup/ Lager from Giant Rotts.
I wonder if the UPS man is as impressed as I was?

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