Sunday, January 31, 2010

the chill

This has been a long exhausting winter cold , challenging week end!
Although the sun was bright today, it has been very cold outside. We have spent lots of time moving animals in and out and breaking ice. I did not get to do any baking this week end and that's a bummer. My Mom won a football pool, she had the best picks all season out of more than 90 people, she sent me 100.00 bill in the mail yesterday.I plan to spend some of my "treat money" on baking supplies from King Aurthur's Flour.
Some times our lifestyle change, even shocks me! There was a day when spending 100.00 did not get allot of thought.
With the economy being as tight as it is and our new ( two year old) commitment to sustainable life grows every dollar is respected.I am looking forward to Tuesdays garden share and looking into weather or not I can purchase a summer CSA. With the new Hoop House I hope to extend the growing season and produce more here on our farm.
This Week's Share
6 lbs. Potatoes
5 lbs. carrots
3-4 lbs. beets
4 lbs. cabbage
1 bag oats*
some burdock root
1 lb. onions
1 container honey
1 bag Maine sea salt (from last share)
3 lbs. apples
1/2 galllon apple cider

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