Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Strougles

It is a huge challenge as we continue to strive to buy local and eat local.We are currentley at only 40-50%local, we were at 80-90 this summer. One more challenge realized in the winter,in Maine and I suspect all of New England. We had periods of sunshine on Sunday and again today. Today's high temperature was 32.At the moment it is very cold 11, almost everyone is in the barn. Bob and Lager are on the sofa. The drop in wind and the rise in temperatures is a blessing for the animals and people at Hooves and Hounds.The local news reports we have gained 20 minutes. The chickens have been able to get outside a couple times this week. In total we have collected six fresh eggs from our four hens in five days,not great odds. On Sunday I worked on my bread making,with a Portuguese sweet bread. The suggested temperature for rising dough is 68,a temperature our house has not seen in some time. On Tuesday I picked up our fourth winter CSA,the halfway point. This weeks share had lots of carrots,parsnips,apples some red and white onions, frozen blue berries and fresh cider however I was most excited by the Organic Sunflower Oil and Maine Sea Salt.Our CSA is from Wolf Pine Farms, the sea salt and the oil from Henrys Organic Oil. Our summer came from the production of one local garden , our winter share comes from a number of local farmers who join together.The summer share was weekly and the winter share is picked up every three weeks.On Sunday I also made a roasted chicken, I wanted a turkey however the fresh local Turkey was in my opinion over priced. Anyway I roasted a chicken , partly so that I would be able to make broth and then soup. I made a soup last night with lots of the garden share veggies, Kale from the freezer and turkey meat balls. This weeks menu will be a challenge, I am at a lost for fresh ideas and Saturday is card night hmm.I have two trays of sprouts on the counter to add to Lagers meals.

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