Sunday, January 10, 2010

-8 to 21

Winter cold! When we woke and started chores it was very, very cold. We brought the big boys into their barn and they had ice in their whiskers, as you walked the frozen snow crunched under foot.I thought they might never want to go back outside. We took blankets off, and fed breakfast before going to get a second cup of coffee. The Belgians were in for a couple hours and napped, then we put them back outside. By eleven the sun was bright,Bob and I went and got a truck load of hay.By noon Nickel and Jake were toasty worm and ready to enjoy paddocks.I made another attempt at making bread,I am still struggling.I am loving King Arthur's Flour,the web sight and products are nice.However even with the products, I do not have great results. I am going to try two more times then I am going to go with plan B ,finding a local who can make nice bread.

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