Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking in Jakes Eyes

OK Maybe it is a Mom thing,or perhaps I am Belgian obsessed you tell me...
When you look into Jake's eyes today ,what do you see. When I look into Jake's eyes now I see change. When Jake arrived here in November 2008 in his eyes I could see a broken horse, in spirit. His eyes looked like he had given up and did not have much expectation of anything good ever again happening to him. When a broken and I suspect beaten horse gets loaded onto a trailer , I wonder what he thinks.Tell me what do you think? The picture with Bob at the lead is day one.

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goatldi said...

If I were Jake when being loaded into a trailer from a place where I was not valued to begin with I would be in a position of accepting my fate. And from past experience that would not be a fate of promise.

Rescue is rescue. It is all about mending fences. Instilling confidence,hope,trust. We humans laugh at witness protection programs and make jokes. With rescued critters it is so important. Change of name when possible, change of venue. All go so far to furthering a new life.

Bless you for Jakes eyes now. Confidence , love, trust. It all shines. You done good!