Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Flicks

We are on week three of what is quickly becoming tradition. Friday night / movie night. There was a time when we would go out on Friday nights for dinner perhaps a movie, we no longer do that. We stopped partly because of the expense and partly due to our desire to be home and close,to our farm. Like most things away from the farm going out to dinner or a movie is a challenge. We have a small window of "down time" we walk the hounds at sun set and they go into the barn the Horses eat at 6:30 and before we retire for the night we walk the pups, Elvis and Lager, do night check and hay. Trying to get cleaned up and go out to spend money, is not as much fun as we once thought it was. We have started a new tradition. For Christmas I gifted Bob a Blue ray player (our DVD player was dead).For the past three Fridays I have stopped and purchased a movie, we eat a dinner that requires little effort and relax and enjoy each other and a movie between trips to the barn.Maybe I'll start posting movie reviews on Saturdays.

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Jessica said...

Sooo did you like the movie?? Inquiring minds wanna know