Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Bob and I have found it to our advantage to have a mannerly dog.This has proven to be especially true with a Rottweiler.When you take your Rottweiler out in public you face a bit of stereo type,they get a bad rap.When raising a Rottweiler you have to start before you bring him home with a good breeder,one who cares about the breed and socializes their pups. We selected Lager from www.Giantrotts.com, if you visit the sight you see happy healthy pups interacting with humans of all ages. It is our belief that there are bad owners but not bad dogs. Basic commands will make your dog a better canine citizen. Bob and I just completed puppy kindergarten classes with the Lager, it gives him a good start, future training will be built on this foundation. This was a class that accepts puppies from two to five months of age, it offers lots of play time. It takes about two months to complete the class. The instructor Amy covered the basics: sit, heel, down and recall or come. There are definite advantages to each. Sit and heel are great helps when walking your dog. Who needs a puppy that walks between your legs,tripping you as you carry hay or grain. We are working to have Lager walk like a gentleman on our left side. The recall is very important if your dog either escapes from the yard or breaks his leash and you need to call him back.Our Rottweiler Lancer listened to Bobs tone of voice as well as commands. If Bob called him Lance, would judge his tone of voice and decide what speed to return to his side. Remember, it is essential to have an obedient Rottweiler. Bob would call Lance, Lance would come running and Bob would say "that might save his life one day". We want Lager to have every chance at success and a long happy life, as well.

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