Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rewind : Meet Lager

Now that he's here and safe I can tell you a little more of his story.I did not dear post many of the details on the blog until he was home safe, you never know who's reading:

Lager is our latest addition: Lager was born in Nebraska on August 2nd 2009 , he is one pup of parents Zhar and Xena from Lager left Nebraska yesterday on Continental Air and arrived last night in Portland Maine. Lager was in transit 12 hours yesterday and it was a long day for us both. As most of you know , we have had a heart ache of a summer with the loss of Audrey , my only girl hound to bloat and the loss of my best friend Lancer (my Rott) to cancer. Having a Rottie in my life feels very right. Lager slept very quiet all night. I think he is wondering why the farm day start at 4am. He is already a huge distraction he played with Daddy while I made lunches, then he helped me with barn chores.I admit the barn chores are not done as well today as they are most days. I was more interested in taking pictures and hugging Lager. I think the stairs will take him a while to mast (hay even Rocky could not do them all the first day). More tonight...

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Nick said...

Wow, this is really great to see and read about Lager on your blog Bob, Lager looks so happy to in his new home.

Thanks again,

Nick & Judy
Giant Rotts