Thursday, October 15, 2009


If found please return to Hooves and Hounds Farm.

4 hours and 24 min of day light.

I love the images of fall, like these of Bob and the boys( and kitty) in the paddock. However I sure have a hard time with the loss of sun light and change in tempiture. This morning when I started my chores, it was pitch black and 33 degrees. The first task was walking Lager.When I finished my outside chores the sun was beginning to set and it was 37 outside 58 inside . Briefly turned the heat on until the house reached 63 . Do not tell Bob I turned on the heat, it is not supposed to go on until my birthday 11/29.I had a ruff day , I had a tooth pulled. While sitting in the dentist ,on my extended lunch break all I could think of was how much I could get done in 2 hours at home (on a normal day I go home at lunch). After 2 hours at the dentist to see what would need to be done to repair my tooth , I decided to have it pulled. What happen is last week I lost a filling,along with 1/2 a tooth. I called the dentist and waited a week for my appointment and after a two hour exam, I was told I needed a root canal and cap. The root canal would require a separate appointment with another office followed by yet another appointment for a cap. All said and done 3-5 hours out of work and 2500-3000$ out of pocket. I opted for missing only the balance of today and driving to Portland and having it pulled. The ironic thing is when I got to the oral specialist our President was on the TV. Giving that I drive away from my barn and work so that Bob and I can have "great " medical and dental insurance I left the office thinking insurance is a scam!

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