Monday, October 12, 2009

People,places and who needs things

Over the past 18 months we have seen many changes. Many of the changes have been a twenty five year work in progress although 5 years ago if you told my husband he was going to live in Maine on a farm he would of thought you were crazy. It is amaizing how animals can touch your life .
We Moved away from our family and transplanted in Maine,
to build our dream farm with Mr. Nickel.

We sold our big fancy house . We have seen business reduce 70%.

We said good bye two beautiful dogs,(not by choice), and hello to a second draft, a second mini and a new puppy.

My husband gave up not one but two of his cars and a motorcycle, so we could continue to build and maintain our "hobby farm". We have had many challenges and great rewards. Family time first, and sharing our farm. Second would have to be the addition of space that affords us more animals and new friends. Some of the locals we have met have had a positive impact and one has even had a negative ,but we grow and learn from that as well . We have made a commitment to" live more local". We have become very aware how far many things travel (like food). We have started to learn how hard the locals work and what impact the weather and choice to buy local can have (the hay scare this season ). When I was young I had one horse , Star. The only thing I new about Stars hay was Mom would bring two bales home from the local Agway every week , after she went to the dump. Of course when Bob and I first got married we purchased one ornamental bale each year for the front steps. Hay is now life.The CSA I belong to is Wild Root Farm, yesterday I visited with our new pup Lager and Jesse , Toni,Jeff and Bob. The farm owners are loosing their lease, and looking for a home for their Belgians Toni and Jeff are hoping to adopt them. we will pray for them and keep you posted.

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