Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Nights

It has been a long week, today when I left for work it was 31 and just light. The tree's are full of color.I like fall but ,I think I am looking forward to turning the clocks back. I know I am tired and so is Bob,he has a long drive. We are looking forward to being on the farm all week end. Today the Belgians got corn on the cob,I suspect it is the last of the local crop. We have finished up a dinner of shell fish and put everyone in their place. The chickens are cooped and safe.Kitty is in the barn with the Minni's and hounds , the Belgians are in the side paddock with full bellies and a bale of hay and Lager is on the sofa.Life is good on the farm. Tomorrow we host game night.

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