Sunday, October 25, 2009

No sleeping in

Game Night was fun! We put the Big Belgians out at Midnight. They had been in getting a rest from the rain, then we went to bed. We "slept in" until 5:30 then the puppy was ready to be walked and the horses were ready to eat. After we grained the horses and fed and walked the dogs, we were off to Mr. Grays to replenish the hay supply. Bob stacked 41 bales in the truck , he thought he could get more but I was done. I was surprised , they all made the trip home safe and sound. The first time we bought hay from a farmer , Bob fell off the side of the truck. The things you learn over time. He sure can stack hay now. When your Belgians eat 2 bale a day you learn! I did reword Bobs hard work with Breakfast of cinnamon raisin bread french toast and fresh local Maple Syrup. I made a stuffing of the left over from chili, peppers and onions and corn bread. I have coated the chicken with what syrup and cyder we did not finish with breakfast. The goal is to finish morning chores , watch the Pats and eat chicken at the half.

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