Monday, October 26, 2009

All work and no play

when you have a baby, you are required to make time for play. On the average day I park my car and do hound patrol, fallowed by Minni's and last but not least paddocks, chicken , pig and Belgians. Today I mixed things up. I did Hounds, Minni's, Play time with Lager ,side paddock,1/2 the big paddock ,kitty, bunny water , chickens. Tonight I finished 1 1/2 paddocks. I sacrificed 1/2 a paddock for play time. The sacrifice was not intentional, however I ran out of day light and energy at 6:40 and came up. The oven is heating for dinner and Lager is at my feet with Blue Monster. When the oven is done I will feed the Belgians ,walk the pups (Elvis still gets a night walk) and feed myself. Play time was worth it! I brought home a cardboard carpet roll, free fun!

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