Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween the New England snow storm was a trick and not a treat !
We realy don't do anything for Halloween, we don't have any trick a treaters out to the farm.
Good News,Jake is finally recovered enough that today Matt came out and trimmed his hooves.
 Matt comes on a very regular six week schedule for trims, however last time Jake was too sick to trim. Matt does an amazing job and has been caring for Jake sense his arrival here on the farm. As a precaution I did administer a dose of Butte before the trim, but Jakes breithing is greatly improved.
We are so very lucky to have such wonderful care people including our farrier/ trimmer and our equine vet.
The snow we have recieved over the week end has begun to melt, and it was just the kick in the pants I needed to finish buckeling things up for the wintter. The garden boxes need to be packed away and the plow steaks need to go into the ground, the winter horse blankets need to be cleaned and repaired or replaced, there is always a list.
Tonight we are dining on the Salisbury Steak, the menu selection for Thursday .
When it comes to "the menu" I very often switch the days based on the weather, timing etc.
With Matt comming this was quick and easy twenty minute prep and twenty minute cook time.

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