Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Simple Womans Daybook

In the kitchen... soup night tortellini in home made chicken broth

I am wearing... barn jeans, back to changing after work destroyed all but 2 pr. jeans and quilted denim shirt Bobby and Keri bought about 5 years ago, feels like November!
I am creating... invites for Thanksgiving
I am going... to go to Portland Maine tonight and pick up Bobs new glasses, took Sears a month.
I am wondering... if Jake will really recover and get through winter
I am reading...re reading cook books for a very traditional Thanksgiving Menu
I am hoping... to have a full table of family and a full barn of critters for the holidays.
I am looking forward to...cooking candy gifts next week for gifting at work as well as Bob's office
I am hearing... Lager bouncing a very wet tennis ball all over my house, what a mess this dog makes!
Around the house... too much dog hair and not enough fall decorations
I am pondering... if I can put Jake with the two Minni's so he wont miss being with Nick so much
One of my favorite things... MY BARN
A few plans for the rest of the week : try to better balance what I love about my barn and animals with what I love about my husband, not getting much together time except chores, need to work on that.

Jake was out with Nick from 2:30 til 6pm last night, it seemed to tier him out. Starting to wean him off steroids, still lame hoof wrapped  and duct taped breathing much better Thank God. Nick and Lager still growing and thriving, Joey has gained a little weight and Mini is getting his winter coat.

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Vicki said...

Love your blog...I am all about more of a simple lifestyle! Too busy all the time...This is nice to read.Have a wonderful evening...