Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still on the mend

Jake is still on the mend, from his abscess aka."gravel blow out" He is receiving twice a day soaks and meds,however here on the farm we figure the best way to heal a horse is pasture.
 Jake is not yet healed enough to go to far out back, rough house with Nick or walk through puddles, so he is on the lawn.
 Bob set up another temporary fence this morning so Jake could get out to graze, Jake doesn't seem to know its a simple rope.
The green grass and sunshine seems to be helping to make Jake feel better, I always feel better when I have two Belgians out my window.
 Nickel is standing close by his team mate, and kitty is lending moral support. I made a big hearty chili in the cast iron dutch oven with corn and both black and red beans topped with a corn bread batter. We are going to stay on the farm today and enjoy the view,and watch football on TV.

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