Monday, October 3, 2011

Reworking the Menu

So the computer is still giving me fits, but tonight we have photo's.
 I have been thinking allot about the menu and the budget and the process that I use for both. I am a bit ashamed to say, till now I really did not have a "budget" for food shopping.When my children were young and I was a stay at home Mom I had a budget, Bob would give me a set amount and I would shop to feed our family of four.
The way it works in our house now, is I buy the groceries and I do the cooking.
That being said I would write the menu based on what I was in the mood to cook and eat and I would head off to the groceries store on pay day.
I did not really see the fault to the no budget process for a long time with Bob not eating at home most of the week, traveling for work. I was cooking for just me most nights and that looked like egg sandwiches and bagels etc.
I new about what I was paying each week, but I was not thinking through the thought that it was mainly "good" week end meals for two and junk when I was alone. Now that Bob's new job gives us the luxury of dining together seven nights a week and packing five lunches, for two people Holy Crap, I am spending a ton,on food for two people! This does not fit with my goal to build this farm and one day stay home on the farm full time. Time to look at my Menu building process, and revise some steps:
First time to make a budget
Second Back to shopping the flyer's
and cutting coupons. I started these changes on Friday with some what rewriting the menu
Friday :
I had planned on us going out, however Bob took me out Thursday so Friday I cooked at home
This was my new one night a week splurge / Steak on the Grill

Saturday: Was going to be Wedge salad with Bacon and Crab Meat however Crab was at 14.00 lb and Shaw's was having a 5.00 per portion rib special so we had BBQ ribs and sweet potatoes

Sunday: Was to be multiple roast chicken day, Shaw's was having Buy one get one free chicken breast packages. I got two packs cooked both, 8 breast spent 6.40 had Sunday dinner a big bowl of fresh chicken salad for lunches and 6 qt of stock have been made with the bones.
Sundays Paper had three inserts of coupons!
Ill keep you posted on what changes I can make and how it helps me reach my goals, if it does.

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