Monday, October 10, 2011

Enjoying Summer

We are again today enjoying "summer like" temperatures in Maine. I now it's fall only because we enjoyed the Fryburg Fair last week.
Jesse installed a new router and the computer is taking less fits so I hope to share some of the photo's piling up.

Here some pictures from the fair:

(not our horse's, just some I snapped photo's of!)

Overnight it was beautiful, I know this because I was up for most of it.
Jake (the oldest, of our Belgians)came up lame on Sunday. Jess had witnessed Nickel rushing him around the paddock and playing ruff at sunrise. When Bob and I went out for morning feeding he was limping, bad.

Looking at the symptoms and surrounding conditions, I am guessing he slid in the mud and twisted his front left shoulder.

Bob is afraid it my turn out to be another gravel blow out, he experienced one last year in the exact week of October fallowing three days of rain.

 At 4:00pm yesterday we partnered with our vet and gave him a dose of Butte, fallowed by a second one this morning.

The full moon and sunshine, could not have come at a better time, he slept in the moon light in a much drier paddock.

Bob and I discussed stalling him in the barn overnight but after a conversation with the vet we opted for the great outdoors and easy access if he was in any distress. I was very peaceful each time I checked lying beside Nickel.
On Sunday the local draft horse club is having an event Oktoberfest , Bob had planned to bring the team looks like Nick will be the only one from our barn to take part.
please think good thoughts for Jake's recovery

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