Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st

November 1st
First of all last night when Matt finished Jake's hooves it was too late for a photo, (dinner time in the barn) but don't they look great.
The snow is melting and the ground thawing so we are still doing covers of duct tape and dipers, when he goes out.
The window boxes have gone into the hoop house and the snow steaks are in the ground. I am already dreading changing the clocks it really plays havoc with my sleep and chore routine.
Bob and I are already doing morning chores in the dark, and we just get the animals fed dinner as it gets dark for the evening.
I am feeling a very strong need to nest , our house does not feel "homey" to me at all.
I have been looking at decorating blogs for insperation and wanted to share some:
First The Old Painted Cottage, features a diferent home tour each month and I like each one better then the last
Then daily I check on Brenda over at Cozy Little House, just this week she moved and already she looks more settled in then we do.

When we found our farm and moved here I just packed up everything from our contemperary colonial in Carver and relocated it here . I think this "farm house" needs it's own personality I want warm country quilts and farm finds, but I also want easy to keep and clean.
I am open to ideas...

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