Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Simple Woman's Day Book

When Bob and I started chores it was 41 outside and 57 in the barn a wonderful change from yesterday morning, when it was 23 in the paddock 53 in the barn and 62 in the house. It is at this moment 68!!
The sky has been clear and beautiful , full of stars. Bob tried to point out some constellations to me Sunday night but I was too cold to care, this morning I was happy to soak in the sights outside.
I had planned to make onion soup last night but Bob reminded me that he's not a fan so we had Turkey sliders. Jake is getting better every day and Beu's chapped nose is healing with twice a day applications of bag balm.

Outside my window... it is absolutely beautiful! The sun is shining my team is side by side soaking up the sun.

I am thinking...I need to drag the paddock today, before the next rain.

I am thankful...every day I have on my farm

From the learning rooms...learning to make soap

In the kitchen...quick dinner of crab cakes and cole slaw tonight so we have time to vote in the local election

I am wearing...jeans and  the mucking boots are by the door (go figure)

I am creating...the menu for two Thanksgiving dinners

I am going...to town hall to vote

I am wondering...ways to make our chore routine simpler, so to have more time to enjoy this place and the ones we love

I am reading...only blogs and an Organic Garden Magazine that arrived this week



I am hoping...everyone has a safe drive to and from the farm for the holidays, and enjoy their time here

I am looking forward to...seeing my children over the holiday week

I am hearing...country music on the radio, bloodhounds in the kennels, and the rooster

Around the house...is allot of dog hair, too much dog hair

I am pondering...if one of those self propelled auto vacuums work and are worth 200.00

One of my favorite things...my kitchen aid mixer and gathering ideas for Christmas gifts from the kitchen

A few plans for the rest of the week: fill all the bird feeders and suit feeders and look into a bird holiday tree

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I will post a photo tonight after I clean the padock, if the computer cooperates,tried twice this week end with no luck.

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