Monday, November 14, 2011

Gee is right and Haw is left

Pictured here you see Nickel in all his splendor, working out with Daddy over the week end.
On Sunday in the afternoon Bob took Nickel out of the paddock for a work out.
I had a very sore back Sunday and loads of ironing to do so I was going to stay behind, but after some coaxing agreed to go for "one loop around"
At first what we witnessed was a "penned up"and slightly spoiled six year old fidgeting in the cross ties stretching to be rubbed and kissed.
Once harnessed the first pull was one with hesitation.
Bob driving and me sitting on the sled at first command Nick gave a slight effort and the sled did not budge. Bob did a little coaxing and we were off. We decided to stay close to home because folks (kids) have been driving quite quickly up and down the lane.
First loop around the club house Nick seemed to be stepping quite quickly, Bob had to remind him to "walk" and go "easy". With only one loop completed Nickel was in his groove.
We drove around and around about a half dozen times resting half way each loop.
Each time we circled the club house you could see Nickel responding better and better to voice commands of easy, gee and haw. Given that Jake is still recovering Bob worked Nickel single, he really seemed to enjoy having a job to do. Keep wondering if it is time to get a "team mate" for Nickel and completely retire Jake or if we should leave well enough alone.

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