Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Dad use to say "if you have kids, you have headaches". The same can be said for animals.


Today while I was at work, I got a text to phone home to the barn.

A couple mornings a week we have barn help and Amy one of the two helpers had made a discovery.

Amy had noticed Nickel was not acting like his happy self, on closer look she observed a blue wire hanging from his mouth.

On the phone Amy explained that she and her husband John had tried to remove the wire form Nickels mouth while outside the fence, without sucsess.

I asked Amy if she felt safe going into the padock and tying. Amy and John have only been with us a couple weeks and I did not want to ask her to do anything she did not feel safe doing.
Amy was ok with going in the padock.

I waited by the phone, for less then five minutes (although it seemed longer) when Amy called back and said the wire was out. YAY

I realy can not afford "barn help" and it is a splurge for us to have Amy and John but how thankful I am at this moment.

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