Sunday, November 27, 2011

Barns and Boys

This week end has been all about barns and boys, a girls dream.
Yesterday Bob and I got up and started barn chores. We took a break for coffee, then Bob was off to the dump and Agway  and I totally lost myself in cleaning the barn.When Bob returned he helped me and we really dug into cleaning the barn.By sunset it was a much needed shower and rest, for all.
Today's chores took much less time, so we drove the team. It has been a while seance we teamed the boys,
 it was a short ride but very nice.they wore their jingle bells.

My Mom sent my this barn night light,I added my Bryer Minni's n love it.It looks just like my barn, complete with my star ( Bobby n Keri gave me). This place is starting to feel more like home.

Just ask LargerThis photo was taken at 2am Saturday night...

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