Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Wait be kind today

April 21st: Flash mob of kindness Glenn Beck

So while watching Glenn Beck last week, Glenn issued a challenge to people to be a force for good  and called for flash mobs of kindness across the country on Thursday, April 21st. Glenn suggested, as a group, giving canned goods to people in need and other "random acts of kindness". I really like this idea and plan to take part, in the mean time I have two very kind things you can do today, for free. Both families are from Maine.

 help this family win a handicap accessible home
They are two great kids and a wonderful family , in Maine.
Here are two paragraph's from their Moms blog
"They are amazingly sweet kids and I am blessed that someone up there thought that I had the fortitude and strength to parent them.  But the fact is that they are sick.  They have a very rare metabolic condition that has only been diagnosed in about 60 cases worldwide."
"Our little house is 900 square feet and 111 years old.  We can't fit two wheelchairs into the house even if we could get them through the door. "
read more here :   you will find a link to vote on Facebook     Twombly Family
 Help Cassi and Luke win the  wedding of their dreams.
Read Their essay here


Jessica said...

Done and Done!

Lisa T. said...

Thank you so much. Sometimes there aren't enough words to express how grateful we are nor arms long enough to embrace those that stand up and support simply..thank you so much.