Friday, March 11, 2011

It's raining it's pouring

It is expected to rain all week end.
Do you now what is the best thing, for curing rainy day blues?
Dutch Oven Cooking ! I plan to cook short ribs low and slow.
My Dutch Oven is from Cabela's , it is cast iron and I love it!

Twenty seven years ago I received some cast iron cookware as a wedding shower gift. As a young wife and homemaker I had no idea how to care for it, and I ruined it.
I have learned the most important thing about cast iron care is seasoning the pans.
Seasoning Cast-Iron

Cast-iron pans are only non-stick when they are properly seasoned. Seasoning a pan is about coating the pan with a heat-tolerant oil (or fat) and then allowing it to bake into the iron, creating a slick surface.

Although I use my Dutch oven alot for slow cooking, that starts usually with a hot sear.
Cast-iron pans are often used for high heat cooking, whether you're frying an steak or baking corn bread. For that reason I prefer to use a  fat, which is more stable over high heat, for seasoning. Good choices include:
crisco oil

 The first season is very important . As soon as you get the pan home from the store, season it before use.
I rinse mine and then dry on top of the gas burner.
If you do all (or most) of your deep frying in your cast iron this will keep them well seasoned.

Once your pan is clean and dry, and still warm from your stove top, add just enough fat to coat the pan bottom and sides. I then use an old cloth napkin to distribute the oil all over and soak up any extra. Then put your pan in a 250 degree oven for a few hours. You now have your base layer of seasoning.  Repeat this process anytime you find that your initial seasoning isn't holding up. ( if things seem to be sticking)

Washing your pans
Do not use soap. Soap will remove the layer of seasoning !

Take a soap-free dish rag and wipe out the pan while running under hot water. Get everything out, but don't scrape, use HOT water.

Once the pan looks clean place it on a burner over medium-low heat until all of the liquid has evaporated from the pan and it has gotten fairly hot.

That's it!

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