Thursday, March 24, 2011

preserving simplistic traditions

Today we have had snow showers, all day.
However I am pleased to report that this week I have seen,signs of spring.
On Sunday I spotted tulips trying to sprout, on Monday the local garden shop put out forsythia and  yesterday I stopped on the side of the road and cut pussy willows. Clippings of spring blooms and budding trees was a tradition , growing up. Little glass bottles, and old jars would pop up all over the house .My Mom had a window over the kitchen sink that would host a bud vase April - October. I love preserving simplistic traditions!


Jessica said...

Hi Mom! I also have vases of pussy willows and budding branches filling jars and vases in my house- a tradition I cherish from my Mom. I'll post some pics tomorrow on FB for you xoxoxo

Jessica said...

p.s. You know I love the blue Ball jar!