Sunday, April 26, 2009


The weather this week end was beautiful in Maine .
Both yesterday and today offered sun and seventies. No rest for the farmers however. In addition to the regular chores , Bob is working very hard on the double run in, and I'm sorry to say I'm not much help. The boys were moved to the back yard while the side yard is under construction. When I woke on Saturday, I made a double batch of cinnamon raisin bread pudding and brought half to a neighbor. Later in the morning, our neighbor Dave stopped in he and Bob trimmed the roosters flight feathers. This task became necessary when he flew the coop Friday night and visited the barn. A barn visit would be less of an issue if the barn cats were not such big hunters. In the evening we had a club meeting, I made a vanilla bean cake with berries to share at the meeting. In addition to the carpentry we did take a nice Sunday morning ride with the team today, and we opened the back pasture for the boys to graze, it has been closed about 5 months. We also hung the barn fans, at the stall windows.

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