Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dreaming of gardens and chickens and sun

It is a chilly April 8Th day here Maine.It is so very chilli I cooked a whole turkey.

The thermometer on Bobs desk is reading 41.

After a couple days of April showers, any hints of sun are welcome .

This morning I parked my "winter truck" and took my car to work.

The road is dry but in tough shape so it was slow going until the tar. It was such a treat, I opened the moon roof and turned on the heated seats as I drove to work dreaming of sun shine, gardens and my soon to arrive chicken house ( if I can ever get Bob to pick it up).

How ironic is it that my "summer car" has multiple heat sources and my"winter truck" has no heat?

Although its still early for planting, its not too soon to start seeds and make plans for a garden. Yesterday I purchased a forsythia tree. I have always wanted a forsythia and never before had a yard befitting one. Forsythias remind me of my Dad,as do sugar peeps and many other signs of spring.

I remember one year while my Mom was at work my Dad did yard work and pulled up rows and rows of my Moms forsythia. The cars lining up to take away the "trash" should have been a sign. It's funny how you remember some things. Growing up in my parents farm house my Mom had chickens, and my Dad had pigs. I have purchased one of my neighbors pigs,it will go to butcher 4/19. I am looking forward to the harvest, like garden vegetables meet grown in a clean cared for environment has a totally different taste then market.

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