Monday, April 13, 2009

Road Trip

Today I was on the road for work. The task was to visit locals and see who's doing what in regards to building , building maintenance. The majority of the efforts I witnessed came from landscapers. Although I did talk to some contractors and Inn keepers. The old homes that are some of the nicest Inns require lots of upkeep. This mission was not difficult to accept given the clear ski's and sun. The windows in the photo's are from the front of The Waldo Emerson Inn, located in Kennebunk. What is interesting about these windows are the sliding "Arrow Head Shutters" . The Inn keeper told me the Inn is from 1784 and was part of the underground RR. The Arrow Head Shutters a were closed to keep flying arrows out. if you view the shutters from the street side you can see dents said to be from arrows. The large estate on the break wall is the Bush Compound. The house with the contemporary rounded front was designed for the Owners by their son, an Architect who's name slips my mind. The carriage shed barn was across from the Bush compound, I think some Belgians and a nice wagon would fit in well.

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