Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

We have started Easter Week end. Bob is thankful to have a couple days with no long commute, and I am thankful to be home.

Today was a blessed day,65 and sun . I was home from work and groceries by 12:30 ( did only 4 hrs at work). I did spring cleaning , that gives me tomorrow morning to be in the barn and yard (weather permitting). I have been very bizzy with yard and animal chores and the house was a mess. It was very nice to open windows. I purchased 3 different onion sets today and can not wait to get them into the ground. Purchased 60 yellow 60 white and 60 red.We had some yummy haddock for dinner it was on special for the holiday. Today I purchased Kale, for the first time. I have a new recipe,and can not wait to try it. Thought I should learn some new tricks before the garden share. Sorry I have no photo's to post. I do have some very cute ones of Nickel lying down in the sun, but the camera is here with me and the cord is down stairs. Bobs snoring and the animals are tucked in and quiet,so the photo's will wait.

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