Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rooster sightin

The rooster never came out of his house today. Bob and I took a ride to the hardware store and purchased hook and eyes to keep the doors from blowing in the wind. The doors were open all day , however Mr. Rooster never came out. The morning started out windy and cold but when the wind was still it was nice. I got on Jake today and rode him for the first time sense my fall. It was a bit frightening getting back on. I rode Nickel first and further, but I did get on Jake and stay on so that is a good first step. Bob also took a ride, on Nickel while he was saddled. Mostly Bob worked on getting footings in place for the boys new run in , that will offer them shelter from the sun and rain when they are in the side paddock. Pig was the smartest of all, he spent his Sunday taking a nap.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like Mr. Rooster is happy in his new home. I hope he is friendly. I can't wait to see his new friends when they arrive! We miss you both and all of the animals!