Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unseasonably Cold

OK I know no one wants to hear me fuss about the weather ,but it is unseasonably cold.
Today ,it never got above 40:( The barn will be very full tonight!)

The good news is I have just enjoyed 24 hours family time, with my Mom.
My Mom lives in Massachusetts,and I had been missing her and invited a visit.
My Mom excepted and came by train via. The Down Easter.
My Mom excepted my invite with conditions, she said she would come and visit if I promised not to do too much, she did want me to "fuss and bother".  This was tough for me fuss and bother is my thing, I enjoy fussing over guests. I had a challenge what to do and serve without a "fuss".Originally the plan was to dig in the dirt, build my garden beds and enjoy the farm, but it is cold, and we are getting a very slow start to spring here in Maine.

I shopped the fridge and freezer and came up with a fish chowder

sausage and pepper quiche

hot fresh white bread(from freezer dough)It was a nice treat to have my Mom visit while I did chores, then fill up on a toasty dinner together in from the cold.

Today we left the farm at noon and went antiquing, Mom purchased herself a nice crock, and she treated me to this milk crate.I was happy to have this, I like farm memorabilia and thinking about the farmer that handled this. The crate I chose is from Cole Farm, the location that we now purchase our grain from. I am lucky to have a Mom I like, and love I know many people who are not so lucky!

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