Sunday, April 10, 2011


My big scary watch dog

and my work horses

and do not forget the ferrel barn cat

I spent the day doing what my Dad would refer to as "puttering" surrounded by friends.
Puttering is a little of this and a little of that.
I did chores inside, made the bed vacuumed a rug, boiled a stock.
Then outside, cleaned the tack room, and the glass doors (including Kittie blanket), hung out a load of wash... The majority of the day was spent outside with Lager, we removed two tractor loads of stones from the back paddock and a tree root. Cleaned the chicken coop and rabbit hutch. The hardest work I've ever loved is on this farm.
If your wondering about the menu I made the Lobster  yesterday, it was loaded with flavor and allot of work. The chicken was roasted, and stock made the chicken salad is ready for Monday's lunch.
If you can stay awake until 9:30 watch extreme couponers on TLC amaising, we will probebly be sleeping.

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