Monday, April 4, 2011

My New Favorite Chef

Meet my newest favorit chef Chuck Hughes

The American Food Network ran an episode of Iron Chef America that pitted Chuck Hughes against Bobby Flay, Chuck won.
I already love Bobby Flay , and the two cooks are very similar.
It was only the second time a Canadian chef has won an Iron Chef battle, the other being Vancouver’s Rob Feenie. Hughes is also the youngest Canadian to compete so far.
Bob and I have watched Chucks Day Off a couple of times, and really liked his cooking style.
This week end we watched an episode I can not get my mind off, with Lobster Fettuccinie, I see this in our future. I have made Lobster Fettuccinie in the past, but this stock looked amazing.
Now to decide what will be on the menu this week end
1. Portugues chicken
or 2. Lobster Fettuccinie
check out the Fried Mars Bar

I still also love Jamie Oliver but seasonal cooking is tuff when the weather is a fine mix of April showers, sun and snow.

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