Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trimming Draft Horse Hooves

No rain , yay

 green grass

Tonight our Farrier Matt, came out to the farm.
Both of the draft horses received a trim.
This trim was not one of the regularly scheduled but needed .
Our two draft horses have very different hooves one from the other. Jake has shoes on his front feet, with clips,Nick has bare feet.
In a perfect world I would keep all of my horses barefoot, for ease of maintenance and cost. Jake's brittle chipping hooves called for shoes.
If you want to learn more about barefoot drafts,here is a good link.
Nickel has always had a consistent diet , and consistent care. Jake on the other hand I suspect has had consistency seance he landed on our farm.
The rate at which a hoof grows and wears depends on several things, including climate, terrain, genetics, nutrition, and daily use, to name a few. In the recent weeks both horses have been effected by climate and terrain, we have seen thawing from winter, wash out from mud season and a lot of rain. As a rule we have the Farrier out for maintenance every 6-8 weeks, with Bob trimming in between.

Bob has learned to rasp off the edges. Rasping takes a bit of strength and finesse,with draft horses due to their size.

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