Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Peepers

As the snow melts and spring thaw takes place the water in the creeks around the farm come alive.
Yesterday Lager thought it would be a good idea to make these his personal watering hole.
As soon as I spotted Lager lapping from the creek I put a stop to it, clearly not soon enough.
I was up all night with a two year old with a sick belly, at one thirty I gave up the fight and moved Lager to a stall in the barn.

This morning when the alarm clock sounded, I was questioning my sanity and this thing called a "simpler life".
When I stepped outside, with my morning coffee and started chores all I could hear was the spring peepers.
Before Bob and I moved here to our farm, on Monday mornings we would wake to the sound of the dumpster at the local CVS being swapped out.

I love the chorus of these frogs , I stopped for a moment and listened and was reminded how much I love it on my farm, even when I'm sleep deprived.
Sometimes you just have to slow down and listen to your surroundings.

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