Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What is tradition?

the colder it gets,thequicker the birds empty the feeder

This look with ears forward and eyes focused, Nick spotted Deer at sun set (4:30)

Too Sexy For My Barn
Jake now knows his way in to the dinner bowl
afternoon chores

 Seam's like over night Friday Winter arrived in Southern Maine.
I have had to add break the ice, in the water buckets to the morning and evening chore lists.
The Big Boys are getting quite furry, with their winter coats.
Mini Sparks is looking like a chia pet.
It is time to start thinking about moving the Pig and the chickens into the barn.
Don't fear the chickens and the pig have adequate shelters to stay out, I just tier of trucking through the snow to deliver the daily  meals and fresh water.
Last night I realized Christmas is only a couple weeks away and I instantly felt stressed.
 Today I feel better, nothing like cool air and farm chores to clear your head.
Moving to Maine and starting this farm has been a eye opening experience.
Everyday farm life,the changing seasons, and the creatures I am surrounded with teach me more. 
Embracing what I love (and in the process discovering what I hate), daydreaming, questioning, digging in 
I have been struggling in my head with what to do about Christmas.
Christmas can be one of those times of year when you either follow traditions you grew up with and carry them on, or you decide new traditions will define you.
Going to the mall and spending money that should go into the success(and survival) of this farm on things, goes against every thing I have learned and am trying to live.
That being said being bombarded with catalogues and commercials had me second guessing my plans for a holiday of  mainly home made and local gifts.
 What I love most about Christmas is the time spent with family and friends I am going to let theses moments, be my holiday tradition and define me.
I am planning to purchase a couple of gifts, I'm really not a cheap scrooge. The gifts I plan to purchase I have given much thought to, and I hope will make others life's a little better.
With the simplest of plans you can create a new rhythm, purpose and meaning for the holidays.

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