Saturday, December 11, 2010

Try this at home

This morning Bob and I had "Apple Puffed Pancake" from "Full Bellies Happie Kids" .OMG it was sooo good and looked fancy,yet it was easy. the food on this ladies blog is wonderful.
If you are having holiday quests try this. I added caramel sauce and whip cream to fancy it up,it looked pretty, it made the house smell good and we ate the entire thing! After we fueled up Bob went to see our hay man,and picked up 53 more bails (about 25 days worth) for the big boys.I put the two chickens and veggies in the oven then we were off, we took Lager to see Santa  (rumor is his brother did the same) .Petsmart was doing a fundraiser for our local animal shelter.We paid 10$ for a sitting, but 5 went to the shelter.
 Lager was a BIG hit, the store had lots of traffic, and dogs he was very well behaved.After photo's we were off to Andy's Agway, one of Lagers favorite local shops. At Andy's we got some necessary supplies, and I purchased some Maple Syrup, made by the Cole family and some Maine made jam these will make nice gifts.

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