Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three Days and Counting

Sorry no pictures card reader is again not working.Things are starting to look, smell and feel more like Christmas around the farm. I was not planning to have a Christmas tree this year,it seemed unnecessary with no little ones. Our tree is big and heavy and takes lots of space. Having no tree in the house was not sitting well with Bob, so last night I put a small tree in the kitchen/ living area and an even smaller one in the guest room. With the Christmas music on and the twinkling holiday lights, it was nice (Bob was right,but don't tell him). Today I cut some evergreens and made swags for the doors with simple ribbon.I am very happy with the addition of my simple swags. I spent $4.00 on ribon, while swags at the store were $10.00 each and up.The temperatures have been mild the past two days, compared to recent weeks, kitty was out on the hunt. The mild temperatures have made it possible to clean up the back paddock some, a relief. In the winter months manure management is a challenge, and we prefer the paddocks clean.The weather reports say we might have a white Christmas with the addition of 1-3 inches of fresh snow tonight.It started to snow at noon, and it started to stick about 5:00. In preparation of the snow, I have feed buckets, extra water bottles and blankets all lined up for distribution in the am.Tonight I'll do a bit more housekeeping, so that I can have time to bake some more tomorrow.
The plan for tomorrow is Biscotti, for gift giving.
and a Chicken Soup made with a whole chicken, to gift to an ailing friend.
Tomorrow I will post the Holiday Menu, Bobby and Keri and Remington will arrive Saturday and Jessica and Joe Sunday. The very best part of Christmas is having children at home , regardless of their age.

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