Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shoveling Out

Bob has been home the past two days digging us out , I am sure he is very ready to return to his job. As a rule(due to Bobs long hours, and crazy commute) I do the majority of the weekday farm chores myself. The daily tasks are a challenge but for the most part I have them down to a very manageable system, however I could not manage this blizzard by my self.
 The winds are still from the North and dragging the temperatures down quite a bit. I was very much looking forward to an afternoon horseback ride in the snow yesterday, I chickened out.
The white blanket of fresh snow looks wonderful out the window but the winds are painful cold. I have switched my focus to inside pleasures including barn time and some inside challenges.
I am very determined to learn to make good homemade pasta, and have been doing some research. Years ago I asked my parents for a pasta machine, and have a nice one. I tried making pasta and failed, but I want to try try again."Good" homemade pasta is very much like farm fresh eggs, once you have had them little compares.My Grandma (Va voe) was a pasta making Queen,and I have very fond memories of Sunday Pasta making parties. Although I was too young to partake in the pasta process I can see the picture in my memory and remember the wonderful tasty results. vavoe would grind fresh pork for the filling and prepare the pasta dough before we arrived on Sundays, then my Dear Grandma , My Aunt  and My Mom would roll slice and fold pasta for hours, while of course the children played and the men alternated napping and watching sports. It is funny what takes you back, pasta takes me back. In the next week I am going to try this recipe   http://roadtothefarm.blogspot.com/2010/12/homemade-pasta.html and then work my way up to this http://roadtothefarm.blogspot.com/2009/11/savor-each-bite.html and this http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/05/ryans-bolognese-sauce/
My Pasta machine looks just like this one, my Mom found it new at a small locally owned hardware store in  Plymouth , Ma.
Ok so you are probably thinking "what the heck, go purchase a .99cent box" but seriously it's not the same.Maybe by the time I have Grandchildren I will master this, and make them some fond memories. My children assure me I have years to practice, with zero risk of any children going hungry.

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