Saturday, December 18, 2010

Great Gray Owl

At least that's what I think he was.
Throughout the week the temperatures have not changed much,it has been and continues to be cold.

We started the day with a trip to the vet's and a booster for Lager. When we returned home we had a hearty breakfast to warm us up. After last nights home made Chinese food (fried crab ragoo and egg rolls) I opted out of the funnel cakes for bacon ,sausage, eggs and bagels. After breakfast Bob and Lager trekked to the dump and "Andys Agway", I cleaned house. In the afternoon Bob and I did farm chores. We took a trip down the end of the Lane to collect the mail, and spotted an owl. After looking in the book Bobby and Keri bought me, I think it may be a Great Gray, what do you think?
I had only a min. to snap a couple pictures before he flew away.

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Goatldi said...

Well I guess I am not to be of much help except as a bookmark of time. MMMMM we have barn owls here and I never see them as my Great Pyrenees who lives with the goats determines that since they (owls) are birds of prey they are to be kept at bay with her best ten year old, senior lady bark.

But I will agree it is an owl be it great barn or in between, it is an owl. Merry Christmas!