Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

It has been a beautiful week end in Maine. Of course I would think so , because it was a week end with lots of Draft Horses. Last night Bob and I went to spend time with some fellow Draft Horse club Members. We went for a wagon ride with Dick and Charlene's Belgians then had some dinner. Good time with friends. Today I went trail riding, again with friends from our draft horse club "Abenaki Draft". It was a strange, but wonderful day. Bob felt as though he did not have time for a trail ride, with yard work and all. I had lots of house work to do, but was going either way. Because I was going without Bob it was difficult to decide what horse to bring, Jake or Nick. I groomed both but decided to bring Jake. What a ride, and what a good horse. Just a bit of a ways into the trail we ran into a bit of trouble. We had five horses in a row, Jake bringing up the tail.In the path was a down tree, the first three horses,went over. The forth started acting up, stomping a bit. His owner got him over, then it was our turn. Jake approached and stepped into a bees nest. Out swarmed the bees, all over Jake's nose and head. He began shaking his head and circling, then they were in my face and helmet. We continued to circle and try to swat them off. I finally got Jake over the down tree and near our friends. Two of the men dismounted their Belgians, one held Jake's reins while the other took of his cap and helped me to get free of the stinging bee's. At this point I thought of turning around. However I was not going back over the tree and hive, so on we went. We then had a nice ride. We traveled thought the woods down hills over ditches, jumping, climbing, we even went onto a bridge over running water,and up a set of granite steps. Jake is a good horse, I am lucky to have him, and wonderful draft horse friends.Jake has more welts then I do,my poor baby.

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Jessica said...

Poor Jake! i'm glad it wasn't worse and you were able to enjoy the remainder of your ride