Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barn Time

That is just what I needed today,some Barn Time! I am a list person,and a timer person. The list by choice and the timer by necessity. I write list, to do list, shopping lists, Christmas lists, date list, menu's... I set a timer 1hour till work, 30 min til.chickens so on and so forth.Today I shut off the timer and put the list aside,I walked my hounds (a little extra for Huck)I shoveled the paddock,then I needed Barn Time, and I took it! I haltered Nickel and Jake and into the barn we went.What came next was the works.Brushing, picking, spritzing, hugging, kissing and more brushing. If you have never had Barn Time I recommend it!I once dreamt of having a my own barn and I am so blessed I now have one with Belgians.Of course Lager tagged along,trying to scoop some of the attention. Now I have to go feed horses, and chickens, tuck everyone in for the night,shower, cook bacon for tomorrow(more on that later) is soooooworth it!

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Terry said...

Oh heck yeah! Barn time is essential for survival. Many a morning I pozt round looking for something, a goat berrie or a piece of alfalfa, even a barn cat, out of place to steal more barn time. You go girl!