Monday, March 1, 2010

This Little Piggy

Vegetarians beware this post is not for you.
On Sunday we accompanied Dave to the Slaughter house with the pigs in the trailer.
Check out the sign, this was hung on the wall of the holding barn.
Dave is a neighbor, and the farmer who has raised my past two freezer pigs. We hope to one day raise our own but have not yet cleared a spot. I am hesitant to add pigs to the farm, due to the fact MR. Grumpy lives next door in the spring and summer.Dave is the next best thing to home grown , his farm is close , clean and he cares what he puts into his animals.
Mr. Grumpy is city folk who comes to town to enjoy "quiet country life" he does not approve of animals producing manure or animals who make noise (roosters). Any whoote I am getting off track, point was Pig went to market and now we are preparing for his return.We expect to pick up the fresh meet Thursday and the smoked meat next week.
Preparing for a pig to return from market for us includes:
filling out the cut sheet, for the butcher and eating what is currently in the freezer to make space.
If you have never filled out a " cut sheet" here are some of the choices, once you have made the cut choices you make the choice of what to smoke and what to keep fresh.This is very timely with the food challenge. Check out this cut chart from Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont they are a great resource for fresh pork.
Ham roast
Ham steaks
Stir fry meat
Butt Country ribs
Boston Butt
Boston butt
Stir fry meat
Rolled roast
Picnic Picnic roast
Rolled roast
Loin Pork chops
Loin roasts
Spare ribs

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