Saturday, March 13, 2010

Plans ,schedules,farming

Plans,schedules and farming is not always as planned.My BIG plan for today was house keeping. The house is a bit of a mess , with dust and puppy.My big plan was to clean all day Saturday and cook all day Sunday.Then today I woke up with a lame horse, Jake. Jake had a bit of a limp all week,it started Sunday. Today he was at his worst.When we woke Jake was limping real bad and in obvious pain.After a call to Matt the farrier, we took a drive to purchase some Epsom salt and a foot salve. When we returned home there was an offer on the answering machine that Matt was willing to come over. Matt, came bye and helped us to soak Jake's left hoof. Matt pointed out an area on Jake's hoof that was swollen.Jake has an abscess,a bit of an infection.Matt took the time to show us how to treat the infection.We are in for a long week end and lots of soaks.The house is not going to get 100% clean.But a horse is only as strong as their hooves. We are lucky to have a Great Farrier. Thank you Matt!
PS. The photo of Nick laying in the stall is a reminder of why we loose sleep when the big boys are inside.

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