Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Hour To Spare

Today was a very full ,day but some how we have an hour before we feed and tuck in the Belgians. We visited the Abenaki Club, maple fest after morning chores.
Bob stayed a bit,and helped drive one of the teams.
Our team is still out of commission with Jake recovering from his gravel blow out.
I hung out two loads of wash, and cleaned the house.
In the afternoon we had a chicken dinner together, Bob raked and I did a craft project.
I'm not real crafty so I did a "no sew" table cloth.
We walked the hounds (check out the red wing hawks) and soaked Jake's hoof , I made a chicken/veggie stock .Some how we have an hour of down time before we do dinner for the horses,night hay and hens.Yay

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Rocco the BT said...

Cool birds! Osprey...I think...
Have you checked out this: