Monday, March 22, 2010

Spaghetti Squash

Not just for vegetarians...
Have you tried spaghetti squash?
Spaghetti squash is fast and easy to prepare and real yummy.The consistency is like spaghetti and the flavor has a hint of nut.
Cut Lengthwise
Remove seeds
Bake cut sides down 7-10 min. in microwave covered with plastic wrap with 1/4 c water or stock per half.
Here I cooked 2 half's (the entire squash) I use 1/2 cup of the stock I made Sunday.
When cooked release the squash from shell, scraping with fork.
Season to taste
I seasoned with butter and cinnamon and served as veggie side.
This is a very versatile squash ,also good as main course used like spaghetti or in a stir fry.

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