Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dinner on the Table (3rd/ final post)

OK I am "planning" on this being the final post in my Dinner on the Table Mini Series.
So assuming you made out your menu, with consideration to what is local fresh. seasonal.
You have considered your schedule, and that of your family.
You have inventoried your pantry and taken your reusable bags down to the market and picked up all necessary ingredients. Now how does it get on the table?
This takes the final bit of planning a little finesse and a sense of humor.
I save the main production for Saturday or Sunday ( a full day off).
I do as much prep ahead of the work week as I can and if I am running the oven I try to fill it.
This also cuts down on dish washing and clean up in general.
I wash all the produce and dice and slice piles, a big pot of potatoes gets roasted or boiled these are used in our Sunday dinner as well as for side dishes, on a week night,or home fries at breakfast.
When the weather is cold I oven roast more when its hot this becomes potato salad and chicken salad.Cutting and peeling veggies requires multiple bowls, scraps for soup compost and critters.The Horses pig chicken and Bunnie all compete with the soup making scraps.
A pan of veggies for roasting go in the oven, usually a bird of some sort a whole chicken, chicken thighs or turkey, some times a roast of pork or beef. I prefer to make a bird when I am home because I follow it up with a stock pot, made of the bones and veggie scraps,and peals.I use stock almost every night.
Home made broth is an awesome addition to heating up veggies, making a pasta dish and/or rice. I like to make the roast pork or beef as the weekly crock pot meal.
For now picture my kitchen first a large chicken in the oven on the top shelf. Roasted chicken (the largest I can find) and veggies on the second shelf / Sunday dinner.The Chicken picked clean after dinner.The "extra" chicken will reappear later in the week on top a salad or in a pasta dish some where.The veggies in rice or as a side.
A chicken broth cooking Sunday night as I clean the kitchen or play in the barn.
Note:Lower the heat if you are going in the barn or you will have a mess when you return.
Is this making sense? I will post some recipes soon, to help demonstrate this process.

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